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We offer a range of different fruiting scions and rootstocks at Lynwood nursery.  Our trees are custom made to order with the required scion and rootstock combinations, so orders need to be made in advance. 

Some of the scions and rootstocks are protected plant material subject to Plant Variety Rights (PVRs). Protected plant material is only available to members of New Zealand Avocado when planting in New Zealand. 

A non-propagation agreement is required to purchase these trees and they may be subject to a royalty payment.

Key fruiting scions available

Fruiting scions (A type flowering) Polliniser scions (B type flowering)
Hass Bacon
Reed Zutano
Maluma® Ettinger
Carmen® Fuerte
GEM® Edranol

We have an extensive planting of mother trees at Lynwood which also include a number of other fruiting cultivars.  Please contact us if you are wanting as specific cultivar as we may be able to provide it.

Rootstocks available

Rootstocks available Propagation type Origin Current PVR
Zutano Seedling Mexico No
Astro (formerly SR1) Clonal New Zealand Yes
Dusa® Clonal South Africa Yes
Bounty® Clonal South Africa Yes
Latas® Clonal South Africa Yes
Duke 7 Clonal California No