Lynwood has expertise in exporting plants and plant products to clients across the world, as well as providing a range of consultancy services depending on your need. Our focus is on working with countries that will complement, rather than compete with fruit grown in New Zealand.

Why work with Lynwood?

High quality trees and planting material

Lynwood has been producing avocado trees for over 35 years and over this time we have improved the quality of our trees to a world class level.  Our trees are constantly being assessed throughout the propagation process so that only the best quality trees are supplied to our customers.  We operate under the NZ High Health Scheme which has product specification standards for trees and means our nursery is externally audited once a year

Lynwood is one of the few nurseries worldwide that has expertise in producing clonal rootstock trees.  This is a complex process and it has taken over 20 years to become experts in this area.  We are also exclusive suppliers of the SR1 clonal rootstock from New Zealand.


Free from key pests and diseases

New Zealand has a ‘Country of Freedom’ status for Avocado SunBlotch Viroid (ASBVd), and has an ongoing testing regime to ensure this status is maintained.

ASBVd is prevalent through the avocado growing world and not only affects productivity, but also a countries ability to export fresh fruit.

New Zealand is also free from some major pests affecting avocado production, including various fruit fly species and Brown Marmorated Stick Bug.

Timely production

Lynwood has a large team of people who work together to produce our clonal and seedling avocado trees.  Over the years, we have refined our techniques and process to become more efficient, meaning that our customers do not have long wait times for their trees.  Most orders can be supplied within 12 to 18 months, and sometimes even sooner than this in some cases.

For more information about what Lynwood can offer you, please read our International Product and Services guide.